HGP Forms

Below are links to the current HGP forms and Institutional Syllabi.

Degree Plans:

General Education 2015
General Education 2014
General Education 2013

General Education 2006
General Education 2008

A. A. Degree

A. A. Degree Plan 2015
A. A. Degree Plan (OLD)

HAPS Degree Plans

Political Science
Social Studies

M. A. Humanities: United States History
Degree Plan

Government Emphasis 2012
History Emphasis 2010
Social Studies Licensure 2010
Anthropology 2011
Government Emphasis 2007
Government Emphasis 2008
Government Emphasis 2010
Social Studies Emphasis
Government Emphasis
History Emphasis
2008 M. A.

Minors and Emphases:

Political Science
Religious Studies
Social Studies (Emphasis for Elementary Education)

Other Forms:

Course Substitution
Final Degree Check
Independent Study

Evaluation Forms:

Annual Activities Summary
Peer Review

Institutional Syllabi

ANTH 201 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 205 Physical Anthropology
ANTH 300 Archaeology
ANTH 310 Anthropological Linguistics
ANTH 349/549 Archaeology Field School
ANTH 359/559 Internship in Museums
ANTH 471 Senior Seminar in Anthropology

ENG 358 The Bible as Literature

GEOG 300 World Geography

GOVT 291 American Government
GOVT 303 Current Political Issues
GOVT 305 Religion and Politics in the U. S.
GOVT 306 Elections and Voting Behavior
GOVT 307 Introduction to World Governments
GOVT 308 Pacific Rim and the 21st Century World
GOVT 351 Congress, the President, and Public Policy
GOVT 358 Public Opinion and Socialization
GOVT 379 Topics in Comparative Government
GOVT 385 Politics and Media
GOVT 429 Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice
GOVT 430 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
GOVT 436 American Thought

GOVT 468 U. S.-Latin American Relations

HGP 110-111 Development of Civilization
HGP 471 Senior Seminar

HIST 202 U. S. to 1865
HIST 203 U. S. since 1865
HIST 301 Colorado History
HIST 305 American West
HIST 320 History of American Women
HIST 322 Gilded Age and Progressive Era
HIST 328 Chicano History
HIST 342 England
HIST 350 History of Sport in America
HIST 357 Mexico
HIST 426 U. S. in the Era of World Wars
HIST 427 U. S. History Since 1950
HIST 432 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST 434 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 436 American Thought

PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 202 Ethics
PHIL 203 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 205 Logic
PHIL 303 Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 304 Religions of the Western World
PHIL 323 Atheism
PHIL 324 Existentialism
PHIL 436 American Thought
PHIL 466 Ancient Political Theory
PHIL 467 Modern Political Theory