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CO-AMP Research and Travel Grants!



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Get up to $500 to travel to a professional conference and up to $1000 to do research


Travel to a conference

Traveling to a professional conference or workshop is a great way to see what professionals in your field really do.  Also, you may get to go to some interesting places around the country and it looks great on your resume.  With this grant, you can receive up to $500 to pay for conference registration, travel, lodging, and food.


If you are not certain which conferences would be beneficial to you, talk to your advisor or any of your professors.  Also, look on the CO-AMP bulletin board and newsletter to find information about upcoming conferences.


Get paid to do research

There is no better experience in the science, technology, and math fields than to get out of the classroom and work on a research project.  Not only will it look great on your resume, but it will give you invaluable insight into what future jobs may be like.  Also, doing research opens up possibilities of travel to present your research at a professional conference and gives you an edge in graduate school applications.


If this sounds like something you would like to do, ask your professors if they have a research project you could work on during the school year or the summer.  Also, they may know of research opportunities in the local community.  You can receive a stipend up to $1000 to pay for your time and any supplies that may be needed.


To qualify for these grants, you must be a science, technology, or math major and belong to an under-represented ethnic group in the STEM disciplines (Latino, African American, Native American, Pacific Islander).

            Applications will be taken at any time; however funding is limited, so apply as soon as possible.  Applications are available from Renee Beeton or they may be downloaded at: