Time to take the Coast Starlight train down the left coast. We flew from ABQ to SEA to visit family and catch the train.
The Sandia Mountains (on the Rio Grande Rift) filled the East horizon as we gained altitude. [click]. NB: [click] means you can click the image for a larger, perhaps different, picture.

Erosion uncovers the colorful geology of northwestern NM.

Brine shrimp and algae add color to the Great Salt Lake.

This icon of Seattle emerged from evening mist as we landed. [click]

Best way to shake the kinks out of airplane leg: walk down to Lake Washington! [click]

Family fandom for Star Wars yields a table-sized model of the Millenium Falcon , a viewing of The Force Awakens, and [click].

After soccer matches, races, fine dining (LionHead, Il Corvo Pasta, ...), shopping at Pike Place, urban experiences (Uber, car sharing) and Seattle's best B&B/barista, we boarded our train at SEA. [click]

Water-borne commerce runs from Seattle down through Portland, Oregon: Pacific, Columbia River, Willamette River. [click]

We stopped in Portland for a fill-up. [click]

Away from the Pacific, rivers support commerce. [click]

The next morning, we zipped through the Port of Oakland.

Central California, home to table crops and oil wells. [click]

We wanted to go down the coast during daylight hours, so we spent the night at the Garden Street Inn in San Luis Obispo.
It was free wine-tasting night (Herman Story) at Novo! [click]

Though our Pacific Surfliner spent all night at the station, "issues" made it 90 minutes late leaving for LA. [click]

High winds blew sea foam ashore near Lompoc. [click]

Among those greeting us at LA Union Station--a Garibaldi. [click]

We took the quick MetroLink to Riverside to meet family. Our route to Laguna Beach took us through wine country--Lorenzi Estates. [click]

View from our veranda at our favorite hotel in Laguna Beach: The Laguna Riviera. [click]

Our current favorites in Laguna Beach are Adolfo's (breakfast) and Natraj (dinner), both popular with vegetarians in the family. [click]

Sun and surf. It does not get a lot better than this! [click]

We picked up the Southwest Chief at Fullerton to ride the rails back to ABQ. [click]

We got a "Southwest Chief Massage" bouncing on rough track between Winslow AZ and the NM border. [click]

Look back and remember: clouds boiled over Catalina Island in a stunning sunset. [click]

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